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Meadow, one of the UK’s leading value-added ingredients businesses, is on a rapid growth trajectory. This growth is matched with an equally impressive sustainability drive. The company has set out the ambition to lead the decarbonisation of the dairy industry with the lowest carbon footprint milk in the UK.

Meadow’s customer base is one of household names, including Ben & Jerry’s, Premier Foods and Yeo Valley Organic. As such, its ambition to provide ingredients that create the lowest carbon footprint in the industry promises to make a significant impact. As part of the company’s sustainability initiatives, Meadow has partnered with Altruistiq to measure and manage their emissions within direct operational control as well as indirect emissions within the value chain.

Using the Altruistiq platform, Meadow confirmed that over 97% of emissions come from dairy farms, along with identifying other concentrated emission sources. By utilising these data insights, it has championed collaborative projects with new and existing partners to reduce shared carbon footprint.

The Altruistiq and Meadow partnership has achieved a series of notable outcomes, including:
  • Granular emission breakdowns: Using the Altruistiq platform, Meadow has surfaced insights, down to a product and ingredient level. Meadow can now share the emission intensity of each product with customers and suppliers. Having product-level emissions to hand has added considerable commercial value to their product offering.
  • Improved measurement accuracy: Improvement in the accuracy of Scope 3 emissions as farm supplier data is integrated into their emissions inventory. Meadow can use this data to strategically prioritise reduction initiatives.
  • Supply chain decarbonisation: From 2018 to 2021, Meadow has worked closely with farmers to reduce their footprints by 21%. This reduction means that their carbon footprint is 64% lower than the global average, and 16% lower than the UK average per litre of milk. The key to this reduction was using the carbon data verified by Altruistiq as a tool for farmer engagement. By sharing data with farmers, Meadow has been able to engage with individual partners and share best practices to provide tailored guidance to reduce emissions.

Commenting on the project, Alun Lewis, Head of Sustainability at Meadow said:

“We knew that one of the keys to reaching our ambitious sustainability goals was to focus on data measurement. Altruistiq has taken a complex situation and has made the process of capturing and understanding Meadow data much easier.

“The data provided by Altruistiq has allowed us to take our CO2 measurements down to product level, to do customer reports, and to put in intensity metrics. This information allows us to work better with our customers on identifying and reducing CO2 emissions and will ultimately help us meet our ambitious target of becoming the lowest carbon dairy in the UK.”

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