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On the 6th January 2021, Altruistiq was founded by Saif Hameed, on a mission to use better data to catalyse the movement of climate finance towards the interventions that need it most. With the mission identified, the opportunity presented itself in the form of poor data quality and availability.

It is clear that both factors hold large businesses back from effective sustainability management. This was particularly acute in consumer value chains given increasing consumer pressure and retail competitiveness. Altruistiq is geared towards alleviating these burdens and empowering businesses to drive real environmental change.

We are a fast-growth, purpose-built and mission-driven company, dedicated to helping businesses turn data into measurably good sustainability actions. We are built for the future, for the planet - and for the commercial success of our partners.




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Our values

At Altruistiq, defining our values was pushed to the forefront of the business agenda from the get-go. We have grown with five core values in mind:

fearless collaborator
Humane High Performer
  • We constantly aim to support, excite and challenge our team

  • We believe a happy work-life balance drives high performance

  • We always ask "what would it take?"

Measurably Enduring
Measurably Enduring
  • We prioritise long term impact over short term interests.

  • We obsess over data-driven and scientific approaches to solving problems.

ruthlessly transparent
Ruthlessly transparent
  • We believe engagement and adoption succeeds through clarity and understanding

  • We ensure good and bad news travels fast

fearless collaborator
Fearless Collaborator
  • We believe engagement and adoption succeeds through clarity and understanding

  • We recognise that we are better when diverse individuals come together

  • We take difficult decisions for the greater good for our people and the planet. We create a safe space for teams to innovate and deliver quickly

Measurably Enduring
Lifelong Learner
  • We measure everything to learn and role model sustainability

  • We embed regular feedback throughout, for people and product

  • We strive for continuous improvement, driving better outcomes in everything we do

CEO Saif Hameed explains Altruistiq's values and culture

"Altruistiq’s culture is based on a moral position: that all members of our company community should have equal opportunities for fulfillment (to master their craft), involvement (to shape their environment), and balance (to live their lives)."

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Company milestones

Aug 2022

Submitted our B Corp Survey and awaiting review, marking the first step in our journey to becoming B Corp certified.

July 2022

Finalised our seed fundraising round, making Altruistiq one of the top 10 best-funded climate software companies globally.

March 2022

Completed our first company-wide, low impact offsite.

Dec 2021

Released Altruistiq's Sustainability Strategy where we pledge to champion sustainability in our own operations and beyond.

June 2021

The release of V.1 of the Altruistiq application.

Jan 2021

Altruistiq was born by Saif Hameed, on a mission to use better data to catalyse the climate movement.

You manage the business. We manage the data.

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