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We are committed to championing sustainability in our own operations and beyond.
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Data-Driven Sustainability

Looking back over 2022-2023, we are beyond proud of the progress we’ve made towards achieving our sustainability goals. We also realise that there is a long way to go.  Here are our updates (the good, the bad and the ugly)...

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Enriching the Earth

The direct environmental impact of our business

As an industry-leading emission measurement tool we measured our impact across Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Using our database of over >187k unique emission factors we are able to calculate our impact to a high degree of accuracy.


Use 100% Renewable Energy

Establish a Green Office

Protect, Conserve, and Restore Biodiversity

Offset 100% of Emissions

Empowering our Communities

The direct social impact on our employees and wider community

We take the wellbeing of our employees seriously, and have carefully considered and curated the support we offer them. We are committed to supporting the education of our team and encouraging mobilisation to drive climate action.


Build a Happy and Healthy team

Educate and Mobilise on Sustainability

Be Inclusive and Representative

Enabling our customers

The impact we have through influencing our customers’ decisions and businesses

We offer tailored solutions to meet business needs, and to enable customer to report on their impact accurately. In the past year we have measured over 45 million tCO2e!


Measure and Manage

Educate and Empower

Building Good Governance

Ensuring rigorous and credible management of our impact

We are so proud of our B Corp status and impressive score of 102.9 (the medium average for our sector is 80.8). We are committed to continually building on our high standards of social and environmental performance.


B Corp Certified

Altruistiq's Impact Report

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Saif Hameed


"Altruistiq helps some of the world’s largest companies improve the sustainability of their business. This objective is no less relevant for companies at the start of their lifecycle - like Altruistiq itself."

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