Profit. Planet. Not a see-saw. This is Altruistiq

Altruistiq is a decision-making environment for business sustainability teams.

We believe that business has the power to be a force for positive change in the world.

Sell more.

We know that sustainability can help your business create an enduring appeal. And we translate this to higher prices, higher volumes and lower churn.

Spend less.

We know that sustainability can help your business become more resource efficient. And we translate this to reduced cost of goods and energy.

Save time.

We know that sustainability can seem like long, hard work.  But we translate this to easier data gathering, plug and play analytics, and simpler decision making.

Team Altruistiq

Every member of our team has previously worked at the cross-section of data and resource efficiency.  

A decision-making environment trained on decades of experience.

Our CEO was a leader in McKinsey’s sustainability practice. Our Head of Product produced analytical tools that helped win Formula 1 world championships. Our Head of Data is recognised by DataIQ as one of the top 100 people in Data in the UK.
Team Altruistiq has worked across dozens of Fortune 500 companies  over 15 countries. Our backers have chaired the world’s largest banks, founded multi-unicorn start-ups, and manage tens of billions of dollars in renewable power capacity.

Saif Hameed


Dan Mackenzie

Head of Product

Ise Palmstierna

Operations Manager

Satya van Heummen

Senior Developer

Jamie Dujardin

Insights Manager

Toby Sykes

Head of Data

Koen Evers

UX / UI Designer

Patricia Barbosa

UX / UI Designer


To help humanity do more of what is measurably good, and less of what is immeasurably wrong.

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Measurably Enduring

We prioritise long-term impact over short term interests

We obsess over data-driven and scientific approaches to solving problems

Humane High Performers

We constantly aim to support, excite and challenge our team

We believe a happy work-life balance drives high performance

We always ask "what would it take?"

Ruthlessly Transparent

We earn trust through integrity, honesty and empathy

We believe engagement and adoption succeeds through clarity and understanding

We ensure good and bad news travels fast

Fearless Collaborators

We recognise we are better when diverse individuals come together

We take difficult decisions for the greater good for our people and the planet

We create a safe space for teams to innovate and deliver quickly


We internally measure everything to learn and role model sustainability

We embed regular feedback throughout, for people and product

We strive for continuous improvement, driving better outcomes in everything we do

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Backers and Guides

I help create a better future for all of us. I help create business value.

Perhaps this is how you explain your sustainability role to your family. And perhaps you reverse the order of sentences when presenting to the board.

Both statements are intricately linked of course. Products from sustainable organisations are favoured a majority of consumers. Sustainable businesses have access to cheaper financing, their shares trade at a premium and they pay less tax.

This is Altruistiq.