Altruistiq + AWS

Altruistiq is powered by AWS to enable businesses to manage and execute on their sustainability strategy through automated emissions data measurement and management.


Altruistiq's SaaS solution leverages AWS's core functionalities to help customers transition from high-level measurement and static sustainability reports to a live decision-making environment based on granular and accurate data.

Speed to value

AWS native services (e.g. Amazon Elastic Container Services and Elastic Kubernetes Services) enable us to roll out new features faster (in days), unlocking new value for our customers at speed to enable smarter decision-making.

Data security

As a SaaS provider and data company, security and trust are critical to us. AWS's in-built security services (AWS Identity Center and IAM) provide us and our customers with a strong level of protection, based on recognised IT security standards.


We leverage AI to accelerate and increase the accuracy of our data collection and processing to support user decision-making. AWS' ML suite (Sagemaker) enables us to experiment and innovate, moving from models in research to models in production quickly and safely.

Data storage scalability

With one of the largest emission factor databases in the world, containing >100,000 GHG Emission Factors and a calculation engine that ingests millions of lines of data for each customer, the ability to store raw data (at scale) enables Altruistiq's solution to provide industry-leading data accuracy.

Our partnership


AWS provides Altruistiq access to considerable native services that accelerate the delivery and improve the functionality of Altruistiq's platform.


AWS's new carbon calculator is a good first step for Altruistiq to measure our overall cloud processing footprint. Due to flexible, region based data storage, Altruistiq is able to move to more sustainable data centres (e.g. Ireland), powered by renewables.

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Altruistiq's emission data management solution enables businesses to make strategic sustainability investments. Organisations use Altruistiq’s automated solution to identify and manage operational and supply chain emissions with unique clarity, accuracy and granularity.

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