Altruistiq + PACT

Altruistiq is a PACT conformant solution.


PACT has confirmed that Altruistiq's Product Carbon Footprints meet the PACT data sharing standard. Our customers will benefit from a globally recognised standard to enable the easy exchange of product carbon footprint information with customers and suppliers.

What this means:

A common product footprint standard and structure enables businesses to quickly and easily share product footprints. This is especially important when we’re talking about primary Scope 3 data coming from thousands of different suppliers. Altruistiq's Product Carbon Footprints align with the PACT data-sharing standard, providing our customers with the infrastructure to have consistent and comparable Scope 3 primary data at scale.

“Systemiq has a successful track record of partnering with like-minded organizations to advance our joint mission of accelerating the transition to a net-zero economy” said Guido Schmidt-Traub, managing partner at Systemiq. “This partnership with Altrusitiq will allow us to leverage the best of our shared knowledge and technology capabilities to meet our clients decarbonization ambitions.”

Saif HameedCEO of Altruistiq

About us

About PACT

The Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) is the global standard for Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculation and data exchange across the value chain. PACT's product-level carbon footprint methodology and technology infrastructure enable accurate, primary and verified Scope 3 emissions measurement and data exchange. PACT partnered with WBCSD, a primary funder of the GHG Protocol.

About Altruistiq

Altruistiq is a Sustainability Data Management Platform that’s on a mission to help companies build, buy and deliver products that are better for the planet. With Altruistiq companies are able to work with environmental data they trust, win back time with automated calculations and reporting to deliver impact reduction on time and on budget.

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Altruistiq's emission data management solution enables businesses to make strategic sustainability investments. Organisations use Altruistiq’s automated solution to identify and manage operational and supply chain emissions with unique clarity, accuracy and granularity.

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