Altruistiq + B Corp

We are now a certified B Corporation

It’s Official. We’re a B Corp.

We’re incredibly proud to have officially met (and exceeded in some cases) the highest standards of social and environmental performance with B Corp.

What on earth is B Corp...
B Corp is a movement of companies verified to be meeting the highest standards of social and environmental criteria, using their business as a force for good. We are overjoyed (yet not surprised) by our results, scoring a whopping 102.9 (the median average for our sector is 80.8).



Accountable and transparent. We are sustainable by design.


We embed values and inclusivity in our day to day to support a happy and healthy team.


Committed to empower our community with time and resources.


Environmentally focused in everything we do.


Built to maximise our customers sustainability performance.

So how did we do it?

Altruistiq was set up as a ‘sustainability native’ in our own operations (e.g., remote-first, zero waste & renewable office spaces) and as an enabler of sustainability in others (every additional unit sold by Altruistiq correlates with enhanced sustainability performance of our customer).

A few other initiatives stood out to B Corp:
Mission locked: To help companies build, buy and deliver products that are better for the planet.
Launched our DE&I committee: To drive employee and recruitment inclusion. We achieved an employee inclusion score of 97% in 2022.
Community Commitment: 3x paid volunteering days offered to every employee with a 75% engagement rate in 2022.

Now we’re B Corp certified, we’re in a great position to improve our impact. Where we get it wrong, we’ll put our hands up and let you know how we are improving.

Dive into the details of our score on the B Corp website.

Want to know more about our solution?

Altruistiq's emission data management solution enables businesses to make strategic sustainability investments. Organisations use Altruistiq’s automated solution to identify and manage operational and supply chain emissions with unique clarity, accuracy and granularity.

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