Sustainability Strategy

Altruistiq is on a mission to drive positive change. Here is our roadmap for delivery.

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Sustainability Framework

At the heart of Altruistiq lies a core set of values. These are the driving force behind our mission to improve Altruistiq's impact through our business and customers.

Building good governance

Ensuring rigorous and credible management of our impact

Enriching the Earth

The direct environmental impact of our business

Empowering our communities

The direct social impact on our employees and external communities

Enabling our customers

The impact we have through influencing our customers’ decisions and businesses

Explore our sustainability strategy

Read our sustainability strategy here

“Altruistiq helps some of the world’s largest companies improve the sustainability of their business. This objective is no less relevant for companies at the start of their lifecycle - like Altruistiq itself.”

Saif Hameed, CEO